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Official Record Store Day Release List!

It’s that time of year again! Here is the official release list for RSD 2012! As has been in years past, these items are mostly all limited edition titles and we won’t know how many of each title we’ll be receiving until the week of RSD.

To keep the spirit of Record Store Day, we will only allow one copy per title, per person so everyone will have a fair chance to get something that they’re wanting. We will not hold anything for anyone, so don’t ask. We will open at 10am that morning, but last year the line started early (7am) so you make the choice as to when you want to crawl out of bed!

We will have events planned for that day beyond the items listed, so stay tuned for more details as they unfold.


Record Store Day – Black Friday Titles

“Black Friday” is quickly approaching and we’ve got the list of titles that are being released that day. Click here to view the list and start making your wish lists! We won’t know until Tuesday what we’ll have in stock but we ordered some of each title!

As with all Record Store Day releases, these titles are strictly limited to one per customer, no exceptions. This way everyone has a fair shot at getting what they’re looking for.


Record Store Day 2011 Update and In-store

Well, we’re wrapping checking everything in for Record Store Day 2011 and I have to say that I am VERY pleased with the quantity that we’ve gotten of stuff. All items are limited in number and a lot had to be allocated between all of the store participating but I am pleased with our allocation. We will open at 10am on Saturday but last year we had a line that formed around 8am, so just keep that in mind!


We will be enforcing a VERY strict policy of 1 (one) copy per title PER PERSON. This is the only way that we can keep it fair for everyone and keep with the spirit of Record Store Day. However, starting Monday the 18th, you are more than welcome to come back in and buy as many of whatever your heart desires!

We also have scheduled an awesome in-store for tomorrow! The Only Sons will be performing on our stage starting at 4pm. A sound like the whiskey-soaked vocals of a world weary preacher that has fought his own demons for far too long, The Only Sons play the dark, Southern Americana that the Drive-by Truckers once described best as “the duality of the Southern thang.” It would be hard to imagine that this band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee didn’t spend some time in the pulpit with lead singer Kent Eugene Goolsby’s lyrics begging the congregation to not follow the path that he has. To clarify though, The Only Sons are neither dark nor sad; they bring forth the essence of what is great about southern music. From country and blues to dirty rock and roll, this band brings the fire and brimstone that Kent is singing about. With a rhythm section consisting of Jonathan Merritt and Blake Loftis, on bass and drums respectively, and the multi-talented Stephen Daly on pedal-steel and electric guitar, you may come as a skeptic, but you will leave a convert.


Record Store Day Title List

The official list has been released so we wanted to share with you the titles that we have ordered to date. This is not a FINAL list, so an artist can still “sneak” something in at the last minute but this is what we have ordered. I have ordered some of everything but because of the limited nature of these titles, I won’t know how many (if any) of each title that we’ll receive until probably the week before RSD.

All titles will be on a “first come, first served” basis. No pre-orders/holds for anyone! We will also have a VERY strict policy of 1 copy of a title PER PERSON! This is the only way we can keep it fair for everyone.

Click here to get the .pdf with all of the titles.