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Calling All Artists, Bands, Comedians and DJ’s!

Record Store Day 2017 is right around the corner and we’re looking for a few good acts to play in-store! We’re not looking for anything specific but would rather have a wide assortment of genres/styles. This is a non-paying gig because we aren’t able to charge people a cover to come in the store during this time, but we do allow you to sell any of your merchandise that you may have and we don’t take any cut from that.

We will start the live acts at 12 pm, and we book 45 minutes slots and start on the hour to allow time to breakdown and setup. You are welcome to load in 1 hour prior to your time slot.

If you’re interested in being showcased, simply fill out the form below and once we’ve compiled all of the submissions, we’ll reach out to those chosen acts about booking a time slot.  The submission deadline is April 2nd, so don’t wait if you’re interested!



Record Store Day Black Friday 2016

This Friday marks the annual Record Store Day Black Friday celebration and as usual we have a TON of the releases that are sure to tickle your fancy! As with the April RSD event, there are some ground rules. Per the official RSD pledge, we do not allow pre-orders of product and we do NOT hold anything, for anyone.  We also have a strict rule of only allowing one copy per title, per person. We do this to make it as fair for everyone as we possibly can. We will open at 10am but there may be a line before that, so plan to show up before we open. You can take a look at the list of releases by clicking on the link below.

We will have some of the year’s best sellers on CD as low as $7.99, and LPs as low as $17.00!
ALL USED LPs will be 20% off all day
ALL USED CDs will be 25% off all day
ALL USED DVD/Blu-Ray will be 30% off all day
After you’ve eaten all of the Turkey and fixings that you can handle, be sure to come back out on Saturday to celebrate Small Business Saturday with us! If you’re an American Express cardholder, you can earn DOUBLE points shopping with us!

Record Store Day Black Friday Details


This Friday is widely known as “Black Friday” and while we may not do any crazy opening hours (we’ll open at the normal 10 am), we will absolutely have some stuff that will be on holiday wish lists! We’ll have new release and best seller CDs as low as $6.99. We’ll also have most of the Record Store Day Black Friday titles listed here! There’s also this list that you can print out and bring with you as a shopping list!

We do have some rules pertaining to the RSD product. Because of the limited nature of the product we have a strict limited of one copy per title, per person, no exceptions. On Monday, you’re welcome to come back and buy as many copies of what’s left as you’d like.

We do not allow anyone to hold anything, and we don’t take an pre-orders of any kind, once again because of the limited nature of the product, we want to make it as fair for everyone as we can.

We will have some giveaways, ALL used product will be 25% off and we’re marking a lot of our new vinyl down to as much as 60% off the list price, so come by and check a few people off of your shopping list! We also sell gift certificates, in ANY amount!

Below is a video from recording artist Jason Isbell on why record stores mean so much to him, thought we’d share it!


Record Store Day 2014



Come join us and celebrate the 7th annual Record Store Day this Saturday, April 19th! There will be TONS of awesome, exclusive releases, we’ll be cooking out starting around 11:45, and we have EIGHT amazing bands that will be playing all afternoon long, just for you! We will open at 10am, but the line will start WAAAAYYY before that, so come early and hang out with some other vinyl junkies!

Most of you know about the releases already, but in case you don’t, you can get a nice preview of them by clicking here. Most of these are seeing their release on vinyl for the first time ever and if not, the first time in decades! Many will on color vinyl, and they’ll all be limited, so you will NOT want to miss out on them!


The rules for Record Store Day are as follows:

1. We will NOT hold anything, for anyone, period! These releases are super limited and to preserve the spirit of Record Store Day, they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

2. We will have a VERY strict rule of one copy per title, per person! This is our attempt to make it as fair as possible, so everyone has a chance at getting that one special thing on their list.

3. ALL purchases must be made in person on the 19th! We will be WAY too busy to handle phone orders and it’s not fair to the person that camped out all night long to get that special release!

The bands that we have lined up run the gamut of styles, so we’ll have something for everyone! The lineup is as follows:

12pm: Knypho Knife

1pm: Jimi Squeezebox and the Cajun Gods of Zydeco

2pm: Hartleroad

3pm: Mary Tylosaur

4pm: The Dogwood Vandals

5pm: Follow Apollo

6pm: Kane Root

7pm: Pen Pals

We hope to see each and every one of you on Saturday, whether it’s early in the morning or late in the evening, we hope you come spend a few minutes with us and celebrate independent record stores!


HUGE Sale and Some Black Friday Rules…




We’ve got a HUGE sale going on this week with some of the year’s best sellers and some new releases! We’ve got titles from the Alabama Shakes, Arcade Fire, Luke Bryan, Eminem, Elton John, Mazzy Star, Katy Perry, Rob Zombie and many more, starting at just $6.99! This is a ONE WEEK only sale though, so do not let this chance to fill those Christmas stockings pass you by!

This Friday is also Record Store Day Black Friday and there are going to be some GREAT exclusive releases for that day. We’re going to open up at the normal time of 10am but I would NOT wait until then to show up because the line will be forming early!

To keep the spirit of Record Store Day Black Friday intact, we will have the same rules in place that we had back in April for Record Store Day

  • One copy, per title, per person. NO exceptions.
  • We will not hold anything, for anyone. All items are first come, first served.
  • This Friday, all purchases of the RSD Black Friday product are limited to in-store only, no phone/internet orders.

You can view a list of the titles that are being released by clicking here. We hope you all have a great and happy Thanksgiving and we’ll see you Friday morning!

Black Friday Billboard 680 x 165


Record Store Day 2013



Come join us on April 20th 2013 for the 6th annual Record Store Day! We’ll have the area’s largest selection of the over 400 unique titles that are being released for RSD. We’ll have FREE food starting at 12pm, along with local bands playing all afternoon! We’ll also have lots giveaways going on all day long! If you haven’t seen the list of titles being releases yet, you can click below and see the list in two different formats (html or printable pdf).

As in years past, we will have a STRICT policy in place of ONLY one copy per title, per person! NO EXCEPTIONS! We do this, to keep the essence of Record Store Day and to keep it as fair as we can because of the limited nature of this product. We also won’t hold anything, for anyone either, so don’t ask. All purchases for the 20th must be in-store, we won’t ship anything to you if can’t be here.

This is an all ages event, so bring the whole family! We’ll open at 10am!


Record Store Day – Black Friday Titles

“Black Friday” is quickly approaching and we’ve got the list of titles that are being released that day. Click here to view the list and start making your wish lists! We won’t know until Tuesday what we’ll have in stock but we ordered some of each title!

As with all Record Store Day releases, these titles are strictly limited to one per customer, no exceptions. This way everyone has a fair shot at getting what they’re looking for.