Record Store Day Black Friday Details


This Friday is widely known as “Black Friday” and while we may not do any crazy opening hours (we’ll open at the normal 10 am), we will absolutely have some stuff that will be on holiday wish lists! We’ll have new release and best seller CDs as low as $6.99. We’ll also have most of the Record Store Day Black Friday titles listed here! There’s also this list that you can print out and bring with you as a shopping list!

We do have some rules pertaining to the RSD product. Because of the limited nature of the product we have a strict limited of one copy per title, per person, no exceptions. On Monday, you’re welcome to come back and buy as many copies of what’s left as you’d like.

We do not allow anyone to hold anything, and we don’t take an pre-orders of any kind, once again because of the limited nature of the product, we want to make it as fair for everyone as we can.

We will have some giveaways, ALL used product will be 25% off and we’re marking a lot of our new vinyl down to as much as 60% off the list price, so come by and check a few people off of your shopping list! We also sell gift certificates, in ANY amount!

Below is a video from recording artist Jason Isbell on why record stores mean so much to him, thought we’d share it!


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